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Warren Select Film Holders

In an industry where safety and security is a vital concern, there is only one brand you can trust in providing both quality and assurance every time.

When engaging in non-destructive testing, WarrenNDT surpasses its competitors in providing film holders of custom sizes, durability, and accuracy.

When implementing non-destructive testing on mass projects like pipelines or building and testing soldering joints, it is imperative you find all semblance of flaws and deficiencies. Performing radiography to ensure your project is pristine is as reliable as the products used for the inspection process.

We produce our components with a state-of-the-art CNC table router. All film holders consist of an outer folder and an inner light tight pouch, which are fashioned skillfully by our team of specialists. Our holders provide crisp and clean images on your x-rays, protecting the image from distortions like ghost images.


We Offer Three Styles of Lead Screens

1. Flexible

Our most common style, you cannot go wrong with these strong, yet flexible, screens. This style is offered in both blue and black.

2. Semi-Rigid

Composed of a balance between durability and pliability, these screens offer a black plastic cover, hinging together the top and bottom of the screens.

3. Rigid

These screens are essentially like our semi-rigid screens, but provide an additional red cover, encased like book binding, resulting in a stiffer more robust option.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FILM HOLDERS: Warren NDT offers custom sizes for all our aforementioned holders. Constructing holders in excess of 8 feet long, we will produce the holder to the exact specifications you require.

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